Problem Solution

We need to process credit cards.

~Secured Transactions~
Processing credit cards in real-time on the net is no small matter. We will set you up with an encryption certificate and secured hosting to protect your buyers. We will arrange for a merchant account and processing clearing house. The user or yourself will have to interact through an application which we will construct to bring the whole system together.
Critical Paths: Applications, Database Development, Hosting

We need more traffic to our site... greater visibility.

We know many ways to boost your position in search engines. But search engines are not the only thing required to increase your visibility. We will look at the construction of your site, or build it appropriately if from scratch. We will also look at other avenues of making your site known for a complete package.
Critical Paths: Marketing, Analysis & Optimization, Management & Maintenance

Our site is difficult to navigate. Finding information is impossible.

~User Interface~
Your visitors come to your site, or will continue to come to your site because you have some information to offer. Whether it be a download, a spec sheet, instructions, online help or various other useful content. Information must be organized in a logical hierarchy. The site must be consistent and over time evaluated for useability. Graphics enhance navigation and the user experience during your visitor's hunt for information.
Critical Paths: Interface Design, Analysis & Optimization, Graphics Design

Our products look awful on line. The images are small and fuzzy.

~Image Optimization~
In many cases there is no substitute for taking the time and doing quality work. Making sure the images are optimized for fast display and clarity is important. Offering larger versions for a better perspective is an option. Some times just taking the time and putting a border on an image, or adding a shadow can present a product in a much more appealing way.
Critical Paths: Graphics Design Analysis & Optimization

We want to train our users with an interactive, server distributed, tutorial.

~Web-Based Training~
You may need to train the employees of large corporate customers on how to use your software or and end user on how to install a fuel enhancer on their car. Directing your user through instruction with clear steps, examples, diagrams, walk throughs, even competency testing can increase the value of a product and enhance the user's satisfaction. Making tutorials web-based offers an efficient channel of distribution.
Critical Paths: CBT & Media Projects, Interface Design, Graphics Design

We have to upgrade our network for software compatibility and it's doggishly slow.

~Upgrade Deployment and Optimization~
It may be for 50 workstations or 1050. You have have one location or several. We're prepared to assist you in roll outs, from wiring to hardware selection to server configuration. A strong evaluation of your existing system and its weakness is essential to build the foundation for a fast, fault tolerant, and usable network. We look at how your use of technology helps or hinders your business and what can be done to make your employees more productive.
Critical Paths: System Design, Analysis & Optimization, d-Business Innovation

Our well-funded start-up is finally taking hold but what do we need to make it take off?

~In The Beginning~
Technology of some sort is usually needed... for organization, for accuracy, for the sanity of the employees. But what is needed? What can you expect in the way of growth and are you ready? We lay the path using technology but business never once goes without consideration. We don't look for the quick fix knowing that multiple quick fixes will cost more than the long term solution. We know that growth and change in technology means disruption to your work flow. We know that down time means loss of money and we want to see your business flourish.
Critical Paths: d-Business Innovation, System Design