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Solid system design is the critical path from winging it to effective digital business. Your infrastructure must be stable and be designed to increase the productivity of its users. Its structure should be flexible and easily maintained. This path is the way to protect, distribute, and form the foundation to harness the true power of your information.
STABILITY: If your systems work for two hours then are down for 30 minutes while being revived after a crash, and this happens frequently, your systems are not stable. A consistently strong system that services its users is stable. If repairs are frequent, you are losing while the productivity of users is affected.

MAINTAINABILITY: Passwords need changing, new software will be added, growth will happen, and things do fail. A well designed system will allow Administrators to maintain networks easily and recover from failure with grace.

PRODUCTIVITY: Ultimately, your network system must get users the information they need when they need it. Users should not sit idle while waiting for a file or a screen to load. Applications that enhance work flow not hinder it should be available.

~We Are The Path~
- Data Warehousing
- Network Planning
- Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
- Infrastructure Documentation
- Installations / Roll Outs
- Server Configuration
- Migrations
- Capacity Planning
- Troubleshooting