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Management and maintenance is the critical path between dead and alive over time. Content can mature but if it becomes stale, not only will your visitors be bored, but your promotion will suffer. Your network is no different. Systems grow, get cluttered, and get old. A watchful eye is critical so response is quick. Repairs and fixes must be complete and thorough and updates must be made to exacting specifications.
RESPONSIVENESS: Do you need a change made on your site? Perhaps it is an image or text that has confused some of your visitors. Your request for a change should not fall on deaf ears for weeks. If disaster struck your network, every minute is critical --you can't afford to be down. Fast response is essential.

COMPLETENESS: Sometimes a quick fix seems attractive. Experience has taught us that the quick fix often leads to complications down the road. A maintenance program or just a simple site update must be complete.

EXACTNESS: Focusing efforts on the right things saves time and money. Fixing things right the first time to spec is efficient. It is important to be exact in managing and supporting systems and sites.

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