E-Powered Direction

The Critical Path from having an idea to having an idea that the world on-line is hosting. With a connected server, equipped with a strong array of current technologies, your message is out there with a flexible set of options for presentation and interaction. Economies of scale help build reliability and value to the customer.
FLEXIBILITY: To believe your Web presence does not need to change and evolve is naive if you expect success. To neglect consideration of net technologies over time is poor judgement. And to have a hosting solution so inflexible that it can not adapt to change is harmful your business.

RELIABILITY: It is 11:03pm. Is your Web site running? It better be. With a Web site your are global now. "Business hours" has no meaning. Your content must be delivered around the clock.

TECHNOLOGY: Some technologies come and go with the phases of the moon. Others are popularized by hype and the bandwagon effect but are not strong. Selection of robust and enduring technologies is important for stability in design and deployment of your Web efforts.

~We Are The Path~
- SSL Commerce Security
- Application Hosting
- Database Connectivity
- Content Transfer
- Data Safety
- Domain Transfer
- Media Delivery