E-Powered Direction

Marketing is the Critical Path between a message and a target. We develop a persona that meshes with your existing image or is the birth of a new one. Your target audience is exposed to your message through temporary flashes, or persistent reminders. From conventional search engines to recomendations in standard or unexpected media, we carve a path for your target to walk.
PERSONA: You're company and your product will take on the personality you give it. What your audience sees will be their perception of this personality. Successful marketing comes from the convergence of perception and your intended persona.

EXPOSURE: A diamond in a closed shoe box looks like like a shoe box with a mysterious rattling sounds as the diamond rolls around. Open the box and it looks different. Shine a bright light into the box and the brilliance of the stone is exposed. You want your product to seem brilliant, right? We will help build the shining light for your marketing.

TARGET: Let's show high-end dental surgery equipment to a plumber. Will you sell the dental equipment? Probably not. Expose your persona to the proper target.

~We Are The Path~
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Directory Listing
- Persona / Image marketing
- Integration with Conventional Marketing
- Corporate Identity
- On-Line Analysis Systems
- Strategic Advisory