Document Management

You have vast amounts of information. You have a pool of users. An application is the Critical Path that actively connects users to your information. Because an application empowers your users by allowing them to manipulate and interact with your information effectively, they become more productive, more knowledgeable, and more able to solve problems. Applications are also the key to on-line services... without them, you only have a brochure.
DATA STORAGE & MANAGEMENT: Information is power. Harnessing it requires storing, changing, displaying, and using the data to make decisions.

USEABILITY: Ultimately, applications will just know what you, the operator, wants and provide it without delay. Until then, a user needs to communicate with the application through a useable interface we construct. Our goal is to make the give and take of information as transparent as possible.

ACTIVITY: The application is only good if it can be accessed and used. The activity of the application will govern hardware, software, optimization, and perhaps manpower requirements. The lack of activity requires research and more marketing.

~We Are The Path~
- Job Flow / Manufacturing
- Support Automation
- Software Asset Management
- Document / Link Management
- Company Directory
- Scheduling
- Commerce / Order Fulfillment
- Collaborative Information Systems