The Critical Path from needing information to finding it is through an interface. It must be the path of least resistance and transparent to the user. Built to mesh with the industry, appeal to an audience, and intended to capture attention without overpowering, the interface binds your user to your information... seamlessly.
HIERARCHY: Start with a point. A well designed information hierarchy lets you travel through the hierarchy regardless of where that starting point is. Hierarchy forms a map, a tree, and a path.

CONSISTENCY: Without consistency imagine yourself in a house, moving between rooms you've never been in with each click. Endless rooms you don't know or recognize. Consistency lets you learn the first room and understand the layout of the whole house without getting confused.

SCALABILITY: Your Web presence will be 8 pages forever, right? Without scalability it may have to be until you are ready to redesign the whole interface. Scalability is the component that lets the site grow easily.

~We Are The Path~
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- Information Flow
- Click-Path
- Marketing Mesh
- Unification
- Growth
- Visual Cues