The Critical Path from data to knowledge is Database Development. Clean data is held in well defined entities. By creating a robust architecture, you can store, retrieve, and mine your data effectively. As data mining becomes easier, so does finding ways to increase your gross margin.
SCALABILITY: Growth is a desire for almost every business. Those using some form of data architecture must be ready for expansion. It may be in more users, more detail in your information, or simply higher usage. Your architecture must scale in hardware, software, and design to walk this Critical Path successfully.

INTEGRITY: Garbage in garbage out. Solid development balances cost with quality but assures that the quality of of the data and its references are sound. If the data architecture lacks integrity you could mine your data, but be prepared for sketchy or unpredictable results over time.

MAINTAINABILITY: Your data is safe, secure, searchable, correct, and is a strong decision-making asset... right now. Change is imminent. Your system and architecture must be maintainable to endure.

~We Are The Path~
- E-Commerce
- Date Mining
- Enterprise Portals
- Business Intelligence Systems
- Personalization
- Batch Transactions
- Archival