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The Critical Path from flat to fascinating is Graphic Design. By employing form to paint an image of personality we can create the face of a company, campaign, or character. Infusing color we apply mood and inspire a walk down the path you choose.
FORM: Whether sharp or smooth Form is the shape that directs the eye or stops it. Is is the visual pattern we identify as a logo or face and it constitutes the visual skeleton of the an image.

COLOR: If form is the skeleton then color is the skin. What do you see first -- and how do you feel about it?

DELIVERY: Do we send it in a box or in pieces? Do we pack the box tightly or settle with sending a shadow of the original yet trick the eye?

~We Are The Path~
- Banners
- Navigational Elements
- Logos
- Eye Catches
- Screen Shots
- Information Separation