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It's out there... your site... and "they" aren't coming. What's wrong? Analysis and Optimization is the Critical Path from sub par performance to meeting or exceeding expectation. Thorough investigation of all aspects of your information delivery system (internet, intranet, network) may reveal flaws or areas for improvement. Alternatives must be evaluated and the best selected for optimal improvement.
THOROUGHNESS: It is important to know what to look for if things are not going as planned. It's is critical to investigate all the possibilities before determining the corrective course of action.

ALTERNATIVES: Many solutions may be available. Making a choice from a single alternative will likely not lead to an optimal outcome. It may be the fifth option that's best... or several alternatives used in combination.

IMPROVEMENT: Analysis and Optimization is an ongoing cycle of improvement. Thorough evaluation, brainstorming alternatives, and improvement implementation continuously adjusting for changing trends and evolving strategies.

~We Are The Path~
- Useability Testing
- Web Data Analysis
- Information Organization
- Log Analysis
- Click Path
- Creeping Pages