Company History
     Ender Design Inc. owns and manages all aspects of this site including Realm Graphics, Main Street, and our spin off of Say It Chat into Contact Me! community communications system. Ender Design was one of the first 9000 sites on the Web back in late 1994. We started on the Web, grew with the fast-paced change of standards and technology, and it continues to be what we do best.

Ender Design primarily offered Realm Graphics back in 1994. When the archive started it was a collection of free images collected from all over the net. Since then, the archive includes almost exclusively images created by Ender Design specifically for the purpose of Realm Graphics. We have also added a greater amount of interactivity including our background viewer, TextureView, and our text color code viewer, TextShow.

Recently, Ender Design has worked to maintain traffic levels by creating a monthly button set, a linked resources section, and periodic special background sets. It is our intent to continue the high-quality, easy-to-navigate tradition which has made Realm Graphics a common "watering hole" for Web images. In the last half of 2001 Ender Design has increase it's link-to totals (sites linking to us) by 25% bring our total over 5000.

Site Leadership
     The direction of the Web site is managed by Andrew Soncha, the chief Web architect and President of Ender Design Inc. He earned his degree in Business Administration and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and thus brings to the table a unique combination of business and technology experience. He is a member of both the International Webmaster Association and Association of Web Professionals. Andrew has obtain a Master HTML Programmer certification from BrainBench.

Through prudent management, the Ender Design site has received over a dozen net-based awards, has been cited in over ten publications, and is frequently referenced as a design example and resource in university classrooms. Andrew has also presented hist site architecture experience and philosophy to small and medium enterprise leaders at the 5th International Web Conference in Paris on behalf of the European Commission.

Promotion Strategy
     The promotion strategy for Realm Graphics and our Web development services sections has been deliberate and consistent. Most of the traffic is achieved through cautious alliances with other Web resources, word of mouth, and researching and delivering information and services desired by our target audience. Our careful planning has placed us in successful standing in the search engines and has allowed us to achieve over 5000 external pages linking to us (a 25% increase in the last half of 2001). We are seeking to improve this almost daily since the more points of entry we offer, the greater exposure we receive.

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