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CNIT Eyecatch - Paris France
The Fifth International Web Conference in Paris, France took place on May 6th through May 10th at CNIT, one of the largest conference and exhibition centers in Europe. The Conference was organized by INRIA, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, and the W3 Consortium
    This section of the Ender Design site primarily covers Andrew Soncha Jr.'s (Ender's) presentation given on Friday May 10th at the SME's forum "Business on the Web." The topic of presentation was creative web design, addressing the do's and don'ts of a successful Web presentation. Specifically, issues of site theme, hierarchy, navigation, style, and layout to yield maximum appeal to the Web public were discussed.
    In this section you will find the presentation slides / demonstration used, and also the presentation notes which provide more detailed information. And coming soon, a little taste of Paris :) Enjoy!
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