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     Getting feedback from the travelers of your site is important. It lets you know what you're doing right or wrong. It is the easiest system of marketing research possible since people will often tell you what they want. CGI scripts, often done in PERL, or server-side applications, offer this option and opportunity. Further, they can provide "attractions" that act as a tool, provide information, or offer entertainment to those who make use of them. This interaction is key to a well designed site: to create an incentive, a draw, that can't be ignored. And although newer WWW tools like JAVA are making the Web a cooler place to be, scripts such as these are far from dead because of their speed, ease of coding, and general practicality for certain applications. Server-side applications are offering much of the combined benefit of CGI and Java Applets. Tying into databases, delivering custom content, providing security, and a variety of other benefits are continuing to make the Web a faster, more interesting, and more useful conduit of information.

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